My Story

Are you interested in becoming a Scentsy Consultant? I would love to help you sign up and create a thriving business. No matter where you live, we have the resources to help you! Let me tell you a little about my journey so far!

Scentsy's core values include Authenticity, Simplicity, and Generosity. These are the core values I believe in too. I began my Scentsy journey in October 2013.

Before I joined, I will admit that I was a skeptic. After all, my original idea on joining was because I already was completely in love with the product, which means that I wanted to purchase Christmas gifts for my entire family! Having a young daughter, I valued the safety aspect of our simple system. So I figured I’d grab that amazing starter kit, and then  place a big order, and make some money back on it….That’s truly as far as I thought this would take me…

I kept telling myself "I can't sell anything!"  but, my husband, Martan, had told me that he believed in me, and that I could make this whatever I wanted to be. He told me, if I was satisfied with just placing my own orders and earning commission back on that, that was fine, but he said he knew me better than that. I kept telling Him, "I am not a sales person! I don't like to sell stuff or push people into buying things!" I thought selling = pushy. I couldn't have been more wrong!

So, from there I continued on, slowly…. doing parties here and there with my close knit family and friends, all while realizing just how simple, easy, and FUN this really was.

It never truly sank in with me, the entire opportunity as a whole, however, until I attended my first Spring Sprint in February 2014. It was at this amazing event that I had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people from head office, as well as fully realize how amazing my up line and teammates were. It was the first time I had truly experienced SCENTSY SPIRIT.

I think things truly started to sink in when I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Orville and Heidi at World Tour at the beginning of 2016 in Toronto. It was truly a humbling experience, and they are the most down to earth individuals. So much so, that they knew me by name the following day when I ran into them, out of thousands of consultants they met. That... is amazing, and it is EXACTLY why Scentsy has become what it is today. 

I am now happy and blessed with the results of my personal growth through this journey. Not only do i have the opportunity to earn an additional income to our family, I have have found the greatest pleasure in connecting with new people, building new relationships with team mates, recruits, and of course each and every one of my customers.

It truly isn’t just about warmers and wax. Scentsy Spirit truly exists.

I find the most satisfaction and fulfilment when we are able to help those we sponsor to build the type of Scentsy business that fits their life and their family situation. I am not here to push anyone into a business they don't want! I want your Scentsy business to be a blessing to you and your family, as it has been to mine.

If you would like to join the fabulous Scentsy Family, and experience what Scentsy Spirit is all about, please contact me! I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to email me, or call/text! 705-818-2288

Brittany Gerrity